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February 07 2018

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February 06 2018

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Some dude: Hey bro you got the time?

Me: Yeah it’s fuckinuuuuuh [pulls a cat out of the inside of my jacket and looks it dead in the eyes] about 6pm

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where the fuck is this from

subnautica but in like 360p at 15fps bc my laptop is trash. here’s a screenshot from some1 with a better computer than mine



>Yume Nikki just got a Steam release
>Yume Nikki, the indie game stuck at version 0.10 for a literal decade and whose mysterious hermit of a creator has been MIA with no updates to their webpage in nearly as long
>The Steam release’s news links to a webpage with a countdown timer for “the next YUME NIKKI project”
>Said countdown webpage is hosted by Kadokawa Corporation

you forgot about the screenshot page

this is literally the only screenshot on the page and i wish i could make this up but. here it is.

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You’ve heard of the Roaring 20s........



now get ready for the Screaming 20s - coming to a decade near you in 2020

is it too early or can we start screaming now

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soft serve





tag your superbowl spoilers

Tom Brady dies

He was ruthlessly murdered by the corporate machine



I want a Goonies/Stranger Things-esque story that reflects modern online friendship.

Like, instead of kids living in the same town fighting a monster, it’s a group of online friends from different parts of the world fighting a world-ending threat, like aliens or wait fuck thats homestuck nevermind




ok very scary halloween story

I’m sitting at home, minding my own damn business when fucking Yorick (my personal skull, an old decoration that told jokes before it died a couple years ago) tells a fucking joke. Out of the blue. Not even a joke. “1…2…Boo!” He says cryptically, then he laughed and I fucking turned in my chair, pausing in my leisurely screening of Halloweentown 2 and drawing Hamlet. I put down my fucking tablet pen and go to Yorick’s spot on top of the microwave. He is silent, as skulls should properly be.

And I fucking turn him over

And I look at his fucking power switch even though I’m Positive this guy died years ago.

And It Wasn’t Even On Boys. It Wasn’t Even On.

Power switches mean nothing when you’re a fellow of infinite jest

Is it infinite jest if it’s one a.m. and it made me piss my pants

Play fullscreen


slhksklsh fuck i cant plsim sure this has already been posted but i cant fusfsfisgj fucking find it pls just take this

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I know their ads are normally a little weird, but this is beyond that.

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Monster Breeder




I made a new game. Horny monsters give birth to terrible puns. Load it up on monsterbreeder.com


I love it

i dont have the setup part but the punchline is ‘nekomancy’

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But birth control is totally completely legal (in the US) and paid for by most insurance providers? And it’s like 9 dollars a month if the insurance falls through???

My birth control costs 100 DOLLARS for 4 weeks that’s almost an entire quarter of my income?? I’m completely dependent on that insurance it’s not that simple

You need better birth control babe, or give it up if your health isn’t dependent on it, like dayum.

My birth control is entierly free, even with my pretty not great insurence and I get 6 months at a time. With how many options there are just for birth control pills, I don’t see how a person could be stuck to $100 a month. Do some looking around. I garuntee there are less expensive options.

Like I’m on some that’s 9 dollars a month, and it is the most common pill in the US.

Stop gettin your birth control from drug dealers, hang up on the cartel, and get some cheap shit from a doctor

Unfortunately the most affordable generics simply don’t work for everyone. While they are fantastic for those who it does work for, some people CANT use those for a wide variety of medical reasons, and have to turn to more costly methods. 

$100 a month is absolutely awful, and hopefully there are better options around. But not everyone can get the most affordable generics no matter what. 

While true generics don’t always work if 100 is a quarter of your monthly you qualify for free insurance and ya ass has no excuse.

If you are somehow affording 100 a month, wait 6, try not to fuck, and get an IUD.

If it’s medical? I refer you to my first paragraph. Like I’m just sayin, there are ways

I mean I just googled it, and like with insurance the pill is like 15-60 a month, it’s really expensive if you don’t have insurance tho.

tbh Margaret Sanger was racist sociopath who makes modern neonazis on par with martin luther king Jr.

how about y'all just not fuck everyday like degenerates?

Do….do you think that you only take birth control pills…on the day you actually have sex?

do you think I’m not telling you to become celibate until you want to have children?

You think my husband and I need to be celibate until we are ready to be parents? Ahahahahahahahaha. That’s hilarious.

Birth control pills only work if you take it every day? It’s not the same as a plan b pill. Sex is a thing some people enjoy and they should be allowed to have it without fear of pregnancy. Birthing children is NOT the only purpose people with vaginas serve.

Sex without risk of pregnancy is a privilege not a right.

how do you mean?

I mean it’s a privilege, a luxury. Not a right, not a need.

The idea that only rich people should be able to have recreational sex is as baffling and silly as it is wholly useless.

so women should only have sex for procreational purposes?

does that include men too?

Does anyone in this thread smoke weed?

this thread gave me an ovarian cyst

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