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March 07 2017

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beside the dancing sea by @omgkatsudonplease is something that needs to be on your list of things to read before you die because man you gotta

i was given the privilege to read the preview of the last chapter and i am overwhelmed with so. much. emotion!!!!!!!! she will be posting the last chapter soon and all of you better be prepared

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I love the moon!!!! she follows me everywhere to make sure I’m safe

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ben carson is proof that you can become rich and successful even if you don’t know a single goddamned thing about anything ever on this entire planet

fic: so he’s looking at the water right and he sees this seal


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a muscular ouroboros huffing its own painted ass



I met a fourth grader and her name was yue, and she was like ‘yea I’m named after a character from avatar the last air bender cause my parents are huge nerds’ and all I said was ‘that’s rough buddy’ and she beamed at me and I’m pretty sure I made her day lmao

#lord that episode aired 12 years ago

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ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 5

 ep 1 | ep 2 | ep 3 | ep 4 | ep 5 | ep 6 | ep 7 | ep 8 | ep 9 | ep 10 | ep 11 | ep 12

holy shit holy shit holy shit



friend: hey i drew you something! :)

me: oh shit nice hold this

friend: this is a ring

me: the wedding is in june

you guys tagging your friends on this is adorable



While putting your favorite condiment on a sandwich, you accidentally make a magical occult symbol and summon a demon.

You silently take two more slices of bread out of the package and make another sandwich. You put it on a plate with a handful of potato chips and hand it to the demon. He takes the sandwich, smiles and vanishes in a puff of demonic smoke. The next day you get that job promotion you were after. There was no contract. No words spoken. You owe nothing. But every now and then, another demon pops in for lunch. Demons don’t often get homemade sandwiches. 

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okay look i’m from england and like, whatever colour, favour, that’s my right but

this is so unnecessary. fuck you British English. you suck

plœæsœ mouthœr, mæy I havœ soumœ porridgœ four suppær?

getting all the jokes after completing a series


im fake smart.. like im honestly a dumbass idk shit but i know how to seem like i do.. im smart-passing..


a “hypothesis”, or a “science headcanon”,

i have nightmares about time travel because i would remain traumatized by things that haven’t happened yet so i either let my life play out the way it did and relive my trauma or i save myself but still live with the trauma of something that never happened

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